April 29, 2009

Web 2.0 investment strategy

Outperform rivals by using Adoption Cycle

Christopher S. RollysonIn the Web 2.0 Adoption Curve, I asserted that executives had a career-defining opportunity to leapfrog competitors by using risk management to manage through the Web 2.0 adoption cycle. The cycle will also feature a backlash against—and investment gap in—Web 2.0 beginning next year.

Here I’ll discuss in more detail how to avoid the downdraft and outperform competitors over the next several years. Web 2.0 will transform organizations and society because it changes how people discover, build and maintain relationships. All organizations need to understand these dynamics, so they can become stronger and more relevant.

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February 26, 2009

TheCrane.tv: The first online video magazine

Ayelet NoffLast month at the DLD conference I had the opportunity to speak to Constantin Bjerke, founder of TheCrane.tv.  TheCrane.tv is a new online video magazine all about contemporary culture that is set to launch in March and plans to feature high caliber content on the topics of Culture, Art & Design, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Ideas and “Green”/Ecology around the globe.  TheCrane.tv hopes to raise the bar for superior video content on the Web with what they are referring to as ”Talent Generated Content.”  Constantin describes Talent Generated Content by saying that all of the site’s content ”is produced by people that actually know what they’re doing, both in terms of quality of the film and in terms of the content.”  Creatives from around the world are invited to share their films, videos and animations on any of the forementioned topics.  TheCrane.tv is a unique magazine because it is completely video based.  You don’t have to read articles but can simply “sit back and enjoy the ride” as Constantin puts it.

Aside from offering high quality, high caliber content, TheCrane.tv will also serve as a platform for talented video and filmmakers to showcase their talent and advance their careers.  Contributors can use the site to find an audience, network with like-minded creatives from around the world, share ideas, collaborate and inspire one another.  Additionally, the site is currently in negotiations for a mobile video distribution deal via 3G networks and has several TV and other distribution deals in the works as well.  TheCrane.tv also offers contributors the opportunity to make money through revenue share.
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February 19, 2009

Bloggersbase: Where readers have influence

Ayelet NoffWith so much information on the internet today and the content continuously growing, it can be very difficult to discover an online media site where your voice can be heard.  Uncovering a place where you can make a difference and have an influence is even more difficult. A new Israeli start-up, BloggersBase.com hopes to fill that void.  This unique blogging platform is an online citizen journalism magazine that is powered by its readers. Here, readers and bloggers alike can discover top quality content while simultaneously influencing the magazine.

1BloggersBase.com is a competition-based content discovery platform where bloggers submit content on a variety of topics, and based on readers’ ratings, the highest quality content is discovered and featured on the site. The magazine consists of multi-authored blogs, each on a different subject.  There are four main topics categories: Entertainment, Technology, Lifestyle and World Affairs, containing together ten different blogs. Based on reader ratings and responses, the highest quality content is discovered and featured on the site.  The rating system is not the standard vote “up or down/yes or no” as seen on other social networks such as Digg or Mixx, but rather is on a scale of 1-10 and is based on a variety of criteria from professionalism and relevance to writing style and creativity.

The more accurately you rate, the higher your influence becomes in deciding which content makes it to the main blog.  This reader influence is one of the things that make BloggersBase such a unique platform.
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