September 22, 2011

Either take your time commenting on blogs or get spamboxed

Chris AbrahamI must have impulse control issues. I posted the following on my corporate blog yesterday — Here’s how not to (spam) comment (spam) — because a comment spam broke by heart. The person who did it was 80% there, he just #failed where he could have maybe won me over (because my blogs don’t get a lot of comments and I am lonely and generally treat commenters — even shameless self-promoters — kindly since they’re all I have!)

So, while I have no problem spam-canning the really awful, clueless, ESL foreign and automated comments, this looked like it was at least copied and pasted by a human, “Raymond McLemore,” but then it just came off as too generic, too self-serving, and not nearly neighborly or generous enough.

He has nothing to add and the post wasn’t generous. It was dropped in with the single-minded aim at dropping a keyword link into my post via the comments, “Marketing Weekly,” using that as his Author name.

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June 3, 2009

Don’t be fooled by next-gen comment spam

Chris AbrahamA month ago, my friend Effie from SI started asking me about some comments she has been getting on her blogs. She wondered if they were, in fact, spam comments or just ESL comments by folks who wanted to say howdy and thanks but didn’t have much to say.

They look almost human but here are a couple ways to discern: They don’t specifically address the content of your post or write anything that adds value to your post or any preceeding comments.  Also, check out the link they drop. Here’s an example of what to look out for:

Newest generation of blog comment spam

Most of the time, folks who comment on your site are a lot like you — if they drop an affilliate site link or a commerce site link into the Author info, then it is not a real human, probably either a new generation of auto content generation robotic script, written to sneak past Akismet (on WordPress blogs), or it is a very poorly-paid “meat bot” who is being paid close to nothing to churn through piles of blogs, filling out Captcha forms and dropping in these “hand-written” comments.

Let me know if you have any questions and please keep your eyes out.  I will drop more in as I find them.  Don’t be fooled! I will make a point of adding as many as I come upon.