July 24, 2013

Hunting the big game of long-term clients

Photo by Jennifer Feuchter (Creative Commons)

Forging deep-seated business relationships requires a different level of engagement

This is the third of a three-part series. Also see:
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Target audience: Marketing professionals, social media strategists, SEO specialists, business professionals, nonprofits.

Chris AbrahamWith risk comes reward. While social media foraging (sharing content and links) will feed a family and social marketing trapping (content marketing) can feed your tribe, you’ll need to hunt if you want to feed a village. If your company is large enough to have a burn rate, a marketing budget, and a staff — if you have quite a big nut to crack every month — you’ll need to not rely solely on word of mouth.

Likewise, if you’re a nonprofit or a church and don’t have the benefit of a wealthy benefactor or flush endowment (lots and lots of meat salted away), then you, too, will have to step it up well past referrals, the Yellow Pages, solid SEO, a pretty website, or even writing a book, doing webinars, writing blog posts, or being interviewed on podcasts or even on TV and radio — all of these things are about laying traps and looking under rocks. Continue reading