November 18, 2013

Best practices for grassroots social media campaigns

Image by calmenda on Flickr

Ditch the skulking and try genuine, open engagement

Target audience: Marketing and PR professionals, campaign strategists, brand managers, businesses, educators, Web publishers.

Chris AbrahamAvenerable tradition in marketing and public relations is the grassroots campaign. Get a solid issue behind you and get out the vote! Get people to chime in their support and try to get some attention. Maybe even circulate a petition. You don’t have to be in PR to know what this is and how effective it can be when done right.

But when we started shifting PR online, we started shifting other things, too. Grassroots started to seem so 20th century. If, on the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog, why bother getting real people for your grassroots campaigns? Why not fake the whole thing? These fake grassroots campaigns, called astroturfing, caught on about 10 years ago and still haven’t died out. Continue reading