January 30, 2014

Does your website suck? Let us count the ways!


Gosh darn it all! An upgrade may be in order

Target audience: Business executives, marketing professionals, PR pros, brand managers, nonprofits, educators, Web publishers.

Chris AbrahamIwas on a sales call with a DC-area architecture firm looking for some website love. When I received my briefing, I was nowhere near my PC but I was near an iPhone 5 on iOS and two Androids, a Nexus 5 and Nexus 7. Nothing could load the firm’s website because the entire site and all its content were hidden in an Adobe Flash blob. Web applications developed with Flash and requiring a Flash-compatible browser suck, no matter how pretty they are. Also, Flash- or Graphics-based websites are not indexable by Google or Bing. And, what’s worse: the modern Internet runs on permalinks and Flash blobs don’t have direct link-tos, now do they? That sucks.

Let me count the ways that your business’s website might have been fine circa 2009 — but sucks big-time today.

Even if your aging site is findable, accessible, readable, and navigable via smart phone and tablet, it may well be hard for you, yourself, to access and update it using modern and free platforms like WordPress. Are you still sending your site updates to your IT guy in MS Word who then implements updates … eventually? Remove the IT department shackles and come into the 21st century, my friend: rich-text editing, spell-checking, hyper-linking, keyword-suggestion, and the ability to upload your own graphics and photos! WYSIWYG formatting! All good stuff. Multiple-editors, workflow, and different levels of access and editing credentials. I mean, we’ve come a long way since Microsoft FrontPage. Continue reading