January 6, 2014

2014 conferences: Social media, tech, mobile & marketing

Brian Wong, co-founder of Kiip, at the last Venture Summit (photo by JD Lasica).

Our SuperGuide to 2014 conferences and events

JD LasicaFor the past several years, the team at Socialmedia.biz has assembled a SuperGuide of the best social media, technology, marketing and media conferences for the upcoming year, which we publish the first Monday of the year.

This year’s calendar of 2014 conferences and events is bigger and beefier than ever. It’s hard to put out separate social media, tech, marketing and mobile conferences, given that more than half of them would bleed over to other categories as well. Thus, one SuperGuide. (Hope you’ll come over and Like our Socialmediadotbiz Facebook page, too!)

Search for a term on this page if you’re looking for a particular kind of event or the name of an event, or click on the tabs below to see the conferences taking place month by month. We’ll post new calendar updates as new blog posts on the first of each month throughout the year.

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May 30, 2009

BlogWell: How big brands use social media

JD LasicaSocial media conferences seem to be sprouting up everywhere these days, but one conference consistently does an oustanding job of bringing in high-level people to explain how “big brands” — large corporations — are using social media in the enterprise: BlogWell.

I attended the inaugural BlogWell, a joint venture of GasPedal and the Blog Council, in San Jose last fall and wrote about it here. What I like is that these executives offer frank inside-the-firewall accounts of what’s working and not working with social media in their companies, with a focus on corporate blogging success stories.

So I was happy to see a third fourth BlogWell (after Chicago and New York) will be coming to San Francisco on June 23. Details:

Event: BlogWell San Francisco: How big brands use social media

Presentations: Case studies from Dell, Cisco, Wells Fargo, Intuit, SAP, General Mills, Kaiser Permanente and Pepsico.

When: Tuesday, June 23, 2009, 1-5 PM

Where: Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF, 1675 Owens St., San Francisco

Cost: $250. Socialmedia.biz readers receive a 15% discount by using the coupon code THANKSSMBIZ

Register: at http://gaspedal.com/blogwell

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October 29, 2008

Highlights from BlogWell


JD LasicaI enjoyed word-of-mouth marketing firm GasPedal’s BlogWell program yesterday afternoon in San Jose. The focus was: “How big companies use social media: 8 great case studies on the best social media programs at large corporations.”

I attended, wearing my social media in the enterprise consulting hat, to get a feel for how social media initiatives were faring across a wide swath of corporate America: Intel, Cisco, UPS, Kaiser Permanente, the Home Depot,Wells Fargo, Graco and Walmart. Executives from the companies gave frank assessments of what’s working, or failing to work, with blogging and social media in the enterprise. I was able to attend three sessions (the presentations overlapped), but I managed to get short video interviews with John Earnhardt of Cisco and Jory Des Jardins, who discussed BlogHer’s recent experiment with JCPenney. Will post those soon.

Meantime, a few short takeaways:

• Andy Sernovitz, author of “Word of Mouth Marketing,” said of social media advocates within a large business: “Don’t underestimate the amount of bravery it takes. You find yourself almost immediately in a two-front war, fighting both an entrenched bureaucracy and a skeptical blogger audience.”

• Cisco’s Earnhardt held forth on why videoblogging is better than blogging — chiefly because of the impact, authenticity, transparency and personal nature of videos.

• More Earnhardt: Fast is better than polished and time-consuming. “We don’t put a lot of time or money into production values.”

• Cisco’s return on investment (ROI) for videos:

Cost, from $1,000 to $7,000 per video setup
They have 2 PR cams at cost of $5,000
To date, they’ve produced 185 videos
Cost per video: $30 and falling
Views per video 700
Cost per view: 4 cents

• Ken E. Kaplan of Intel: “We used to host all our videos on the Intel server. It used to be, no way, man, we gotta own this stuff. But eventually it became obvious that you had to let people share and embed and see these videos on YouTube. We told the lawyers what we want to do with this stuff and they gave us
the power to run faster.”

• Debbie Curtis-Magley of UPS identified a secret social media ally in the workplace: the company receptionist. They’re at the computer all day and love to communicate and help people out.

• More Sernovitz: When companies get into trouble over social media campaigns, it’s almost always because of lack of a disclosure policy. “Here are 10 magic words to keep you out of trouble: I work for X, and this is my personal opinion.” It helps separate official company policy from personal views.