August 19, 2009

I would have appreciated an apology

Chris AbrahamThis morning at 8:42 AM Eastern, Beth Brody sent out an email titled, “[Digitalbrand] New Social Media Marketing for Small Business e-book.”

Don’t get me wrong, I receive — and send — so many of these email pitches as a blogger and the president of a digital PR firm — and this was like any other — except for three important mistakes:

1) Brody spammed a list of hundreds of social media, marketing, advertising, and PR A-list bloggers and journalists

2) she sent out the pitch as an open CC email, so every single recipient of the list could a) see each-other b) reply-all and

3) Beth Brody or someone from Brody PR has yet (at 1:52 PM Eastern) to apologize via the “Open CC” email list, via Twitter, via personal email, via a blog post, via post, or even phone!

Learn more by checking out Twitter search and the recent blog posts by Jennifer Leggio for ZDNet‘s Social Business, Public relations fail: A lesson and a rant, and Ken Wheaton’s ADAGES, PR, E-Mail, Social Media: FAIL.

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