June 11, 2013

Tweet like Guy Kawasaki for Twitter success


Inside Twitter tips from a Silicon Valley entrepreneur

Chris AbrahamPeople love and hate my friend Guy Kawasaki. Here are some of the least flattering blog posts, including Dear Guy Kawasaki, You Tweet Too Much; Guy Kawasaki is too ‘popular’ to stop autotweets during Boston bombings; Andrew Goodman to Guy Kawasaki: You are Ruining Twitter! and others. Well, I stand by Guy.

While I am no Guy Kawasaki with only 44k followers (instead of 1.3 million), and I don’t have minions, Guy and I share our belief that in order to do business online, make money, build clout, grow influence and drive sales, we need to forget the top influencers and instead focus on everyone else. We need to believe that success is the best revenge, that the Twitterverse is a global series of nows, and that no matter how automated your system is, you need to answer your own Direct Messages and @replies.

Here’s some very helpful and powerful advice from Guy Kawasaki, much of it in his own words with some of my editorial commentary. Continue reading