August 12, 2010

Easily turn your blog into an ebook

anthologizeChris AbrahamMy friend Effie Kapsalis helped make something very, very cool. Something brilliant, actually. Something you need to check out: Anthologize.

A brilliant idea is defined by how hard you slap yourself in the forehead, saying, “gee, that’s awesome — but so obvious, why didn’t I think of that?” Anthologize is that simple, elegant, “it never occurred to me” idea that I have been waiting for forever: a WYSIWYG way of drag-and-dropping together a linear narrative out of what is often an amalgam of reverse-chronological, jumbled-together, blog posts. Export it into an online, web-accessible “book” or even a proper ebook in the PDF, ePUB or TEI formats that can be exported and popped into your favorite ebook reader like the Amazon Kindle or Sony eReader.

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August 29, 2009

‘Twitter for Dummies': Twitter for everyone, Twitter For Dummies should be called Twitter for Everyone. I may be considered a pretty heavy Twitter user and was #herebeforeoprah but even I really enjoyed getting into the heads of Laura @pistachio Fitton, Michael @gruen Gruen, and Leslie @geechee_girl Poston.

If I were to boil Twitter for Dummies down, I would say that you can’t dumb down Laura, Michael or Leslie — they’re leaders in Twitterville and you really cannot be disappointed if you grab the book.

For me, the entire book only took me the length of a Hollywood movie to read; however, they threw in kitchen sink in this book, extending into rarely used features such as the Public Timeline and really geeky command-line access to Twitter such as “d chrisabraham” or “follow chrisabraham,” etc.

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July 19, 2009

Go to Bad Pitch Night School

Chris AbrahamDigital PR rockstars Kevin Dugan and Richard Laermer are increasing their Bad Pitch Blog efforts and having a tele-seminar for anyone who needs to improve their approach to media  relations — and by default social media. They obviously don’t see me, Maestro Abraham, as an attendee, but they thought you guys might be interested.

It’s called Bad Pitch Night School (During The Day). More details are at and it’s on Wednesday, July 29, from 1 to  2 pm Eastern time.

They’re giving out 10 free scholarships to some folks between jobs and to some students as well. And every registrant receives a free electronic copy of “Full Frontal PR,” which doesn’t suck. Virginia DUI Lawyer Steve Duckett, who also does not suck, will be attending as well.