January 6, 2014

2014 conferences: Social media, tech, mobile & marketing

Brian Wong, co-founder of Kiip, at the last Venture Summit (photo by JD Lasica).

Our SuperGuide to 2014 conferences and events

JD LasicaFor the past several years, the team at Socialmedia.biz has assembled a SuperGuide of the best social media, technology, marketing and media conferences for the upcoming year, which we publish the first Monday of the year.

This year’s calendar of 2014 conferences and events is bigger and beefier than ever. It’s hard to put out separate social media, tech, marketing and mobile conferences, given that more than half of them would bleed over to other categories as well. Thus, one SuperGuide. (Hope you’ll come over and Like our Socialmediadotbiz Facebook page, too!)

Search for a term on this page if you’re looking for a particular kind of event or the name of an event, or click on the tabs below to see the conferences taking place month by month. We’ll post new calendar updates as new blog posts on the first of each month throughout the year.

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November 5, 2009

Highlights from ad:tech New York 2009

David SparkI just finished up my second day of reporting at ad:tech in New York for ad:tech, a conference about the digital side of the advertising industry. The event happens ten times a year all over the world and I last reported on the event for ad:tech in San Francisco.

At this year’s New York conference I saw many of the same things I’ve seen at ad:tech over the years, and that’s ad networks. I believe they’ve been there since day one of this conference and they’re never going away. They’re the bread and butter of the business.

I was more interested in what’s trending and at this show I saw a really big push towards businesses generating revenue from content. Advertisers are slowly realizing they need to be media companies as well, but not wholly. In fact, there’s a symbiotic relationship between paid advertising and earned media.

Watch the day 2 show report and the day 1 show report for an overview of some of the stuff I saw. Almost everything I mention in the show report videos you’ll find in a subsequent video below. There’s a total of 30 videos.

While I do a lot of live event reporting, understand that ad:tech is a very big conference and there’s no way to feasibly see it all, so these show reports should be titled, “What David got a chance to get around to see in his two days at ad:tech.”

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May 29, 2009

Social media success doesn’t start with ROI

David SparkThe advertising and public relations industries have to prove their worth. They have to show that what you bought delivered a return on investment (ROI). And the demand to create more accountability for social media increases every single day. Just last month, accountability was the basis for most of the discussion at ad:tech in San Francisco (watch my interview with Scott Milener, CEO of AdRocket, in which he talks about advertisers increasing demand for performance-based advertising).

Five years ago I remember making presentations to blue chip companies about a whole host of different social media projects such as a corporate social network for customers, a video demo site, a corporate blog, and a corporate podcast. While all the presentations went very well, and my audiences were always engaged, the last question always asked was, “How much is it going to cost, and how many people are we going to reach?” While I could offer different cost options, I couldn’t guarantee an audience. And it was at that point the pitch was often sunk.
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April 21, 2009

Highlights from ad:tech San Francisco 2009

David SparkToday, I reported from ad:tech in San Francisco for ad:tech. Ten times a year all around the world, people associated with the online advertising industry convene for ad:tech. Every year the conference rolls into San Francisco, I attend. This year, ad:tech hired me to report on the event for their blog.

Just a few years ago, ad:tech was a dinky conference held in the basement of the Marriott. Every booth was that of an search engine marketer (SEM) or search engine optimizer (SEO). Today, things have changed dramatically and the online ad industry has become highly nuanced with many vendors taking positions to own unclaimed territory in the ad buying and selling process. Since its days in Marriott’s basement, ad:tech has grown up to San Francisco’s Moscone Center.

I’ve been in and out of the ad business for many years and I’ve noticed that advertising is always a good barometer of the economy.  It’s the first industry to get hit when things are looking bad, and it’s also the first to respond when the economy is on the upswing. While I don’t know about the balance sheets of all the individual companies, the conference was packed and the mood was positive.

Here’s my midday show report of the first day of the conference.

I’ve got lots more video coverage including an end of the day show report, a one-on-one interview with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, plus some great insight from vendors and attendees on the show floor.

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