July 27, 2016

3 Steps for Making Sure Your New Blog Makes Money Faster

Post by Adi Englander


There are plenty of ways for bloggers to generate revenue, but writers can easily become discouraged when they don’t see an immediate ROI on their efforts.


The most successful bloggers generate income from ads, paid subscriptions, featured content and more, but how did they get started? As the content marketing industry becomes more saturated, it’s hard enough for writers to grab the right audience’s attention and develop a steady user base, let alone make a profit.

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July 14, 2016

Essential tools for influencer marketing


A master roundup of social marketing tools to use on behalf of brands

Target audience: Social marketers, influence marketers, businesses, brands, digital marketers, SEO specialists, entrepreneurs, educators, journalists, Web publishers.

Chris AbrahamIhave been working on behalf of several clients lately, including Skinny Coconut Oil, with blogger outreach as the centerpiece of our various social marketing strategies. So I thought I would talk a little bit about the tools of the trade — what we use to stoke excitement about our clients.

Step one: make sure you have an awesome client with a special, unique, delicious, and superior product, an amazing origin story, industry-leading values, and is willing to be super-generous with not only the A-list but with the long tail, too. Continue reading

July 14, 2016

How Social Media Can Increase Your New Site’s Search Visibility

Post by Adi Englander


Your content strategy alone isn’t enough when it comes to ranking higher in search. Content is still incredibly important, but there’s a not-so-new beast called social media that many business are still neglecting and missing out on entirely.

Search engines are placing higher importance on what’s coming from social media. Need proof? Google’s own Matt Cutts stated,

“We do use Twitter and Facebook links in ranking as we always have in our web search rankings, but in addition we’re also trying to figure out a little bit about the reputation of an author or creator on Twitter or Facebook,”

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June 30, 2016

3 top challenges facing the social content curator

Post by Adi Englander


Becoming a recognized influencer in your industry takes a lot of effort. You need to listen to and correspond with audience members who have relevant interests. You need to develop a distinctive and memorable brand voice and use it to convey your take on the issues that matter most in your niche, and you need to be generous with genuine insights.

Perhaps most importantly of all, you need to demonstrate that you’ve got your finger on the pulse – that you know what’s happening in your niche at all times. You need to show people that if they want to be in the loop, all they need to do is look at your social channels for the latest links you’re posting. Continue reading

June 27, 2016

6 ways social media can improve customer service


Post by Megan Totka


Your business probably already has a social media presence. Surely you’re using social media for marketing and branding purposes. Did you know that you can leverage social media to improve customer satisfaction and increase repeat business? If you’re smart, you’re always looking for the best ways to keep your customers happy. Make sure your social media channels are doing just that.

Be Part of Their Community

In 2016, calling a business (only -gasp- during business hours) or sending an email is akin to sending feedback via carrier pigeon. For most businesses, it’s true that your customers spend significant time on social media interacting with brands. Why expect them to sit on hold or wait days for an email reply when they can reach out to you via social media? You shouldn’t. Continue reading

June 20, 2016

SEO Mega-Checklist: 75 steps to increased visibility for your site (infographic)

Post by Nirav Dave
Capsicum Mediaworks

Let’s be honest. Almost nobody knows everything about how SEO (search engine optimization) really works. It’s a bit of a black art, and Google especially has been less than forthcoming in communicating best practices.

But, over time, you can keep track of what seems to be moving the needle in the right direction for a business or brand. And, honestly, shouldn’t your business be focusing on things like increasing growth and revenue instead of dwelling on the right mix of SEO tactics that will benefit your company?

Those who do this for a living have identified more than 200 SEO ranking factors that Google takes into account. But even that is way too much for businesses and marketers to get their arms around.

So which key aspects of SEO should you focus on?

To help address this issue, we’ve put together a checklist of 75+ actionable On-page & Off-page SEO strategies that, if incorporated correctly, can improve your site’s ranking in the search engine results. Here’s our SEO Mega-Checklist infographic, with accompanying text that explains each item.  Continue reading