September 22, 2011

Either take your time commenting on blogs or get spamboxed

by Chris Abraham

]I must have impulse control issues. I posted the following on my corporate blog yesterday — Here’s how not to (spam) comment (spam) — because a comment spam broke by heart. The person who did it was 80% there, he just #failed where he could have maybe won me over (because my blogs don’t get a lot of comments and I am lonely and generally treat commenters — even shameless self-promoters — kindly since they’re all I have!) Continue reading

October 4, 2010

Still hunting for right solution to manage the endless flow of information

by David Spark

Here’s one of my interviews I shot last week at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference reporting for Yammer.

Irritated by the endless flow of information that you can’t seem to make any sense of? You’re not alone. We’re all looking for a solution, even Harry McCracken, Editor of Technologizer. Continue reading

June 3, 2009

Don’t be fooled by next-gen comment spam

by Chris Abraham

A month ago, my friend Effie from SI started asking me about some comments she has been getting on her blogs. She wondered if they were, in fact, spam comments or just ESL comments by folks who wanted to say howdy and thanks but didn’t have much to say. They look almost human but here are a couple ways to … Continue reading