August 31, 2011

Twitter success demands both top influencers and everyone else

by Chris Abraham

Many people are keeping their circles of influencers small, believing it is better to invest limited time and resources on the most influential. Find out why a wider and more open-minded audience has more positive effects than we can realize. Continue reading

August 24, 2011

Build Twitter followers using the theory of everyone

by Chris Abraham

Look to the Long Tail to recruit brand ambassadors Well, as regular readers of this blog know, I am a Cluetrainian. This means I put more trust in the value and impact of the online influencer long tail than I do in the impact of the couple of dozen top influencers that most social media consultants and digital PR teams … Continue reading

August 11, 2011

You can now post images and photos directly to

by Chris Abraham

You can now share a photo directly through Twitter by uploading your photos to instead of through TwitPic, yfrog, Twitgoo or Check out the site’s newest offering. Continue reading

June 30, 2011

How to become a super-node in the attention era

by Chris Abraham

Every search you make on Google returns results that are weighted heavily to favor people in your social networks. Getting people to like your brand on Facebook or follow your brand on Twitter has become an essential secret weapon for search engine ranking. Continue reading

June 20, 2011

MyMic: Leave an audio comment on Facebook

by JD Lasica

If you’re launching a startup today, your best bet is to build on top of a widely adopted platform — Facebook, anyone? — rather than try to rally users to a completely new site. That’s the smart course LeaAnna Hernandez took with MyMic, a still largely undiscovered app (2,797 Likes) that lets anyone on Facebook record a message that you … Continue reading

June 16, 2011

Top 10 Predictions on What’s Coming Up Next in Social Media

by Ayelet Noff

At the beginning of the month I was asked to speak on a panel that discussed social media, social networks and “what’s coming up next.” In research for this discussion, I came up with a few insights on what I foresee coming up next in the world of social media. Here are my top 10 prognostications: 1The physical and digital … Continue reading