November 14, 2013

Our guide to social media curation

by Guest writer

Learn the ins and outs of content curation including the best tools, measuring the success of content curation and the best ways of organizing the sources you’ve collected. Continue reading

December 10, 2009

Do you have a strategy for social bookmarking and crowdsourcing?

by Deltina Hay

Here is part 7 of the series I will post over the next few months based on chapters from my new book, A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization.

The book is meant to be a guide to building an optimized foundation in social Web for beginners and advanced users alike.

Chapter 7 of the book is about social bookmarking and crowdsourcing using news aggregators, enabling users to save and share their favorite Websites and determine the popularity of a news story, blog entry, or Website through various voting and rating systems. Continue reading