June 3, 2015

Google wants your business to invest in community engagement

by Chris Abraham

Search has changed dramatically in just a few short years. Google now penalizes sites that are buying links or are invested in private blog networks. Here are the most recent developments. Continue reading

September 3, 2014

Don’t believe what Google tells you about search

by Chris Abraham

For the vast majority of Web publishers, bloggers and businesses who just want to create content and have it read, SEO techniques still matter a great deal. So ignore what Google has been telling you and pay attention to these search techniques that still work. Continue reading

August 20, 2014

Always write for Google, never for humans

by Chris Abraham

To be discovered in search, you need to write the exact phrases you think people will use when they’re searching on your topic. The title and first paragraph are the most important. Continue reading

August 11, 2014

Top takeaways from a growth hacking conference

by JD Lasica

Hundreds of marketers, entrepreneurs and business strategists descended on the Weapons of Mass Distribution conference to learn how to propel growth in their startups and enterprises. Here are some key takeaways. Continue reading

April 10, 2014

Build a video SEO strategy for your brand

by Guest writer

When it comes to developing a video SEO strategy, defining and implementing a goal-driven strategy is key. Take a look at why SEO matters, possible goals for video SEO, and what a completed strategy looks like. Continue reading

January 8, 2014

Why content marketing will ultimately triumph over link building

by Chris Abraham

Organic search engine optimization is going to need both link building and content marketing strategies and tactics in order to get Google’s attention. But too much attention is being paid to link building and not enough to creating useful content on behalf of your business or organization. Continue reading