July 19, 2009

Photos of Traveling Geeks in Cambridge

by JD Lasica

Here are 117 Flickr photos of the Traveling Geeks’ visit to Cambridge, UK, last weekend, from meeting local business leaders to local architecture to punting on the Cam. We had a brilliant time — and learned a lot, as well as contributed back — so need to thank Karyn Barnes, Sherry Coutu and others who made it all happen.

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March 24, 2009

Photo Finder will find you wherever you are

by Ayelet Noff

The Facebook photos application has been by far Facebook’s biggest success: The easy to use interface for uploading pics from your computer and then brilliant point-and-click tagging of friends has proved intensely viral. There are now more than 15 billion photos on Facebook, making it the largest collection of pictures in human history. More than 850 million new photos are uploaded a … Continue reading

January 22, 2009

The four personas when shooting a portrait

by JD Lasica

I loved this wise passage — from the Sunday New York Times Magazine in Behind 'Obama's People' — about the nature of portrait photography, which I've been slowly getting into: In "Camera Lucida: [Reflections on Photography]," his searching reflection on how photographs convey their meaning and emotional power, Roland Barthes suggests that any time a subject steps in front of … Continue reading

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January 17, 2009

Real-time photo gallery of Inauguration events

by JD Lasica

At Magnify.net, founder Steve Rosenbaum has created a live Flickr stream of Inauguration events & photos. The photo gallery will constantly change over the coming days as Flickr users upload images tagged with the word “inauguration.” You can grab the embed code and place the Flash player on your own blog and resize it; Continue reading

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January 5, 2009

Documentary short: A drive through the occupied West Bank

by JD Lasica

Ilove Israel, and have loved it even before my visit there last April as a member of the Traveling Geeks. (Here were my dispatches, including a video of our visit to a Bedouin Arab family’s village of Khawalid in northern Israel.) So it’s always difficult as a journalist to report about something you have an emotional stake in. Continue reading