November 30, 2016

We live in the age of the ‘Next Big Thing’

by Guest writer

It seems like nothing is safe from our love affair with newness.  In the coming years, cars will relieve us of the burden of sitting behind the wheel and smart refrigerators will relieve us of the worry of remembering to pick up milk. Continue reading

April 21, 2015

Why you should hang your shingle on Medium

by Chris Abraham

Here’s how to tap Medium’s social network, friend network, and import tool to take your unappreciated articles and shoehorn them into the hottest and most chic writers platform ever invented. Continue reading

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October 1, 2013

How Flipboard can help your small business

by Guest writer

And a look at the best magazines for small business on Flipboard Target audience: Small and midsize businesses, brands, marketing professionals, Web publishers, nonprofits, educators, journalists. Guest post by Megan Totka Chief Editor, If you haven’t heard about Flipboard, it may be time to investigate. The robust aggregate publishing platform has come into its own this year, with millions … Continue reading

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August 6, 2013

Jeff Bezos rescues the Post from the Great Decoupling

by JD Lasica

With his purchase of the Washington Post, Jeff Bezos has rescued the paper from the Great Decoupling. Here’s why public-interest journalism can never be sustained as a profit center for a newspaper. Continue reading

May 1, 2013

News Pioneers: Media innovations from Europe

by JD Lasica

A work by Elina Brotherus included in the exhibit, “Ars Fennica: Finnish Art Now.” Overseas projects to focus on mobile, data, art & journalism On Monday I’ll be heading to Stanford University to help judge News Pioneers: Media innovations from Europe. The participating teams are in different stages in their projects or start-ups. A few already have a working product … Continue reading

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