October 4, 2013

How Yelp is using gamification right — and screwing it up, too

by JD Lasica

Gamification expert Tony Ventrice, a senior game designer at Badgeville, offers examples of good and bad uses of gamification by brands such as Yelp during a meeting of the Social Media Breakfast Club. Continue reading

June 10, 2011

You’re buying video games for yourself

by Chris Abraham

Well, my preconceptions were wrong. Gamers are not snot-nosed teens, they are their parents. I am spot in the middle of the true gamer demographic at 41, according to CNet, A child’s hobby? Average gamer is 37 years old. According to the organization, which represents the game industry, the average gamer today is 37 years old. Moreover, the average game … Continue reading

September 20, 2010

What’s your guilty pleasure app?

by David Spark

Is it Angry Birds, Air Hockey, or an Air Horn? I know you like to think that you’re highly productive with your mobile device, but in reality you probably spend more time playing Angry Birds than any other application. At the APPNATION Conference in San Francisco, shooting interviews for Dice, I asked the attendees to reveal their “guilty pleasure app.” … Continue reading

May 9, 2010

Social Gaming Summit: How social can casual games get?

by David Spark

While successful, casual games are not known for being as social as true ‘social games’ Before there were lucrative games on Facebook, casual games have done very well existing on their own sites and on game portals. The casual game market paved the way for the social gaming market. Problem is, beyond a leader board and some chat there’s never … Continue reading

May 7, 2010

Social Gaming Summit: Playing the distribution game

by David Spark

Is viral the only economically feasible way to distribute a social game? No, answered a panel of four game developers and publishers at the Social Gaming Summit in San Francisco which should have been called the “Facebook” gaming summit. Every time someone mentioned “social” gaming, someone asked the question, “Are you being social anywhere else?” The answer was always no. … Continue reading

August 5, 2009

Build your industry voice with social media

by David Spark

Socialmedia.biz partner, David Spark, shares a presentation he led in Toronto and explains how you can build your industry voice through social media. Continue reading