May 22, 2012

Catalyzing action for Internet freedom

by JD Lasica

]Ijust arrived in Washington, D.C., for a conference with the goal of protecting freedom of expression on the Internet. Organized by Google, Internet at Liberty (they could have done better on the name) will “explore the most pressing dilemmas and exciting opportunities around free expression in the digital age.”

As the conference site says, “Today, more than any time in history, technological and political forces are colliding to draw lines about how the Internet functions. Continue reading

December 30, 2008

‘Photography not allowed’ from public sidewalk

by JD Lasica

I’m at a loss for words for the trampling of our constitutional rights in recent years. So I’ll repost a few paragraphs from an entry by Thomas Hawk earlier today: Long Beach Harbor Patrol Says Photography "Not Allowed" From Public Sidewalk. I just got back from shooting for a week in Los Angeles and have to say that the highlight … Continue reading

Category: Free speech, Photography