May 9, 2010

Social Gaming Summit: How social can casual games get?

by David Spark

While successful, casual games are not known for being as social as true ‘social games’ Before there were lucrative games on Facebook, casual games have done very well existing on their own sites and on game portals. The casual game market paved the way for the social gaming market. Problem is, beyond a leader board and some chat there’s never … Continue reading

February 1, 2010

Is it still pompous to announce, ‘I don’t have a TV’?

by David Spark

We’ve all had this moment. You want to talk to a friend about some great TV program you just saw. Instead of engaging or heeding your recommendation they simply announce, “I don’t have a TV.” We all know where that conversation leads. Either they’re considerate and just let it go. But more often they tell you with a wave of … Continue reading

June 9, 2009

Social Media Hour: From health care to Hollywood

by JD Lasica

Today I appeared on AdHocnium’s Social Media Hour podcast with host Cathy Brooks and guests Chris Heuer, Adriana Lukas, Jeff Pulver and Hayden Black. It was a fun-filled hour that flew by fast, so I thought I’d repost it here. (You can find the show’s details, and past episodes, at our BlogTalkRadio page.) Here’s the interview. Stream or download (Time: … Continue reading