May 21, 2013

Attract customers to your community with content

by Guest writer

Keep in mind that your content isn’t just meant to rank; it’s intended to serve a purpose. Draw people in with your community building content, and then pack your foundational content so full of value that making the sale is the natural next step. Continue reading

March 14, 2013

Facebook paid sponsored content meets you only halfway

by Chris Abraham

How well do sponsored posts work? In reality, a sponsored post will only take you halfway. Find out how you can reach broader audiences and get the most bang for your buck. Continue reading

March 12, 2013

5 apps that do the marketing work for you

by Guest writer

For many small companies, there’s not enough time in the day to handle all of the marketing tasks that they wish to undertake. Find out how your business can reach a broader audience with the help of five apps for marketing. Continue reading

January 9, 2013

11 ideas for taking your digital marketing in new directions

by Chris Abraham

If you’re looking for some digital marketing resolutions to kick 2013 off right, read up on these 11 suggestions. Flipboard, FourSquare, Instagram and memes top this list! Continue reading

November 26, 2012

Should you farm out some of your social media chores?

by Chris Abraham

Your company needs a social media strategy, but you may not have time to maintain all of your outlets regularly. Find out how a hybrid approach with a partially outsourced system may be right up your alley. Continue reading

November 6, 2012

Are you using updated keywords for your business?

by Chris Abraham

If you don’t refer to your services in the same way that others do, you’ll be surprisingly invisible when it comes to your prospects finding you on the Internet. Know your industry buzzwords and keep your business current. Continue reading