February 27, 2009

Toward a Facebook bill of rights

by JD Lasica

After last week’s user rebellion that upended Facebook’s attempt to change its terms of service to grant itself a perpetual license to all photos, videos and copyrighted material posted by its members — somehow, Terms of Use Rebellion doesn’t have the same historical ring as Whiskey Rebellion — the company is angling to turn the incident into a net positive … Continue reading

February 26, 2009

TheCrane.tv: The first online video magazine

by Ayelet Noff

Last month at the DLD conference I had the opportunity to speak to Constantin Bjerke, founder of TheCrane.tv.  TheCrane.tv is a new online video magazine all about contemporary culture that is set to launch in March and plans to feature high caliber content on the topics of Culture, Art & Design, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Ideas and “Green”/Ecology around the globe.  … Continue reading

July 28, 2008

Fish Phone: text a fish while shopping or dining

by JD Lasica

In the Civic Engagement on the Move report that I wrote for the Aspen Institute, I included this passage: Jed Alpert, co-founder and chief executive officer of Mobile Commons, pointed to FishMS, a text service in South Africa that was set up to help consumers choose seafood with the least adverse impact on the environment. A conscientious consumer could text … Continue reading

Category: Digital culture, Mobile