May 14, 2011

KISS rock stars to participate in world’s most global online chat

by David Spark

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS will be on hand.   Ortsbo real-time chat translation tool to be featured this Friday I‘m pretty psyched. Next week I’m headed down to LA to report on a live event starring KISS’s Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, who will be participating in an online chat using Ortsbo (disclosure: Ortsbo is a product … Continue reading

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March 24, 2011

10 ways to become a trending topic on Twitter

by David Spark

Is there a formula to be a trending topic on Twitter? Based on some successful experiences with some clients, here’s a ten-step guide on how to create a trending topic on Twitter. Continue reading

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March 10, 2011

Starter kit for a social media strategy

by David Spark

Creating a plan from scratch? These 7 tips will get you going ‘We need a social media strategy.” I hear this all the time. And companies have meetings upon meetings to discuss this. I’ve been a part of many of those meetings and it can be tiring to go through endless internal discussions as to what your social media strategy … Continue reading

March 2, 2011

Two faces of social media: marketing vs. enterprise 2.0 collaboration

by David Spark

Sure social media is a great tool for marketing, but its communications capabilities make it a great tool for your company’s HR department as well. Here’s some of my coverage from the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara, Calif., in November. Continue reading

February 22, 2011

Business hierarchy doesn’t affect online collaboration

by David Spark

Here’s some of my coverage from the ICIS Conference in St. Louis. I was covering the event for Dice and Dice News.

When you’re collaborating online with a virtual team, which relationship dynamic works the best? A rigid internal structure of system roles or human relations? Continue reading

February 8, 2011

Warning signs that your company will become the next Enron

by David Spark

When a company is sinking, everyone knows, and everyone gets scared. They look to others for support and start agreeing with each other’s concerns. Look at company email behavior and you’ll see the problem. Continue reading