September 25, 2012

Embarrassing moments in social media

by David Spark

Whether posting something public what you meant to DM (hello Anthony Weiner) or letting drunken photos of you get posted to Facebook, we’ve all done stupid things in social media. Check out our 2-minute roundup of some embarrassing tales. Continue reading

February 23, 2012

Why I hate the term ‘content marketing’

by David Spark

It used to be called custom publishing, but now it’s just annoying It’s aggravating to knowingly use a term to describe your business, even though it poorly defines what you and the industry does. That’s how I feel about the term “content marketing.” It’s the industry’s current buzz term used to describe the need to create content over advertising in … Continue reading

August 23, 2011

Why is the federal government regulating behavioral advertising?

by David Spark

Behavioral advertising is the practice of third party sites that track your web surfing behavior as you travel from one website to another, and then serve you relevant ads based on that cross-site surfing behavior. This has serious privacy concerns as information being gathered is being shared across multiple sites.

For years, the industry has tried to self regulate in order to keep the federal government at bay, explained Steven Bennett, lawyer for Jones Day in New York, in a presentation he gave at the CRM Evolution Conference in New York City. Continue reading

July 29, 2011

12 tips on how to approach bloggers

by David Spark

  On July 27 I attended and moderated a panel at the PR Summit in San Francisco. This blog post is a report being submitted for Intertainment Media, makers of the desktop communications and content app KNCTR and the real-time chat translation tool Ortsbo. Pestering bloggers. It’s a PR rep’s time-honored tradition. A client has something to announce or show … Continue reading

July 6, 2011

Agile businesses don’t predict, they respond

by David Spark

Here’s some of my coverage from the Future of Web Apps in Las Vegas. I was covering the event for Dice and Intertainment Media.

As much as you plan, as much data you collect and analyze, and as much as you predict, you never can be 100 percent correct. Heck, you’ll probably be correct just a small fraction of the time. Continue reading

June 27, 2011

How to become one of the most respected companies in your industry

by David Spark

One of the most critical and popular aspects of my business, Spark Media Solutions, is live event reporting and production, where I, backed by my team, attend conferences and trade shows and report on the event from the editorial viewpoint of the client. If my client is interested in a subject that happens to be the subject of a conference, then they want to be a participant in that conversation. Continue reading