October 7, 2013

When selling social media, brand like a Realtor

by Chris Abraham

Realtors were the world’s first social media marketers, well before the Internet existed. So social marketers would do well in taking away some learnings from real estate agents and applying it to your own field. Continue reading

September 23, 2013

Content strategies to deal with Google Panda & Google Penguin

by Chris Abraham

Organic SEO isn’t free, cheap, and easy anymore. Google’s release of its Panda and Penguin updates means you have to produce more high-quality content that is social, too. Continue reading

September 18, 2013

Are you surfing the social media wave?

by Chris Abraham

Being the savviest or smartest kid who has his or her finger on the pulse of what’s happening now may seem like a grind, but hang on and you can ride the social media wave for years to come. Continue reading

August 22, 2013

Facebook Object Debugger: A valuable tool for marketers & businesses

by Chris Abraham

If you’re a blogger, content marketer, community manager, website admin, online writer, site owner, or online editor, you’ve no doubt had the experience of your Facebook update showing up without the article’s Title, Description, or a lovely selection of pulled images. To fix this, use Facebook’s Object Debugger, part of the Facebook Developers toolkit. Continue reading

Category: Chris Abraham, Facebook
August 19, 2013

Google now prioritizes speed over content

by Chris Abraham

Online reputation management and organic search engine optimization are both essential services. You can have the most perfectly tooled website and if the quality of hand-off from Google to your site is slow then Google will penalize you and err on the side of speed. Continue reading

Category: Chris Abraham, Search, SEO
July 24, 2013

Hunting the big game of long-term clients

by Chris Abraham

Forging deep-seated business relationships requires a different level of engagement. It requires hunting. Try to avoid taking a long shot and get up and personal. If you engage on Twitter, convert to LinkedIn or Facebook; if you’re on Facebook, take it to Messenger or email; if you’re on email, schedule a call or Skype, and if you’re already talking on the phone, meet in person. Continue reading