January 15, 2013

‘Optimize’: A discussion with marketing expert Lee Odden

by Shonali Burke

A review of Optimize by Lee Odden, plus a video discussing an ‘optimized state of mind’, optimizing B2B vs. B2C communications, staying competitive in the world of search, and more SEO-related gems. Continue reading

February 21, 2012

Encourage visitors to save your site as a mobile shortcut

by Deltina Hay

Your site visitors can easily save your website as a shortcut on their mobile device, keeping your content fresh in their minds. Check out our short video on how to create a mobile shortcut so you can encourage users to keep your site at their fingertips. Continue reading

February 15, 2012

How do people use the mobile Web?

by Deltina Hay

Mobile device users don’t typically “surf” the Internet using mobile devices. Their motives tend to be more intentional and action-based. They usually know what it is they are looking for and are more likely to act once they find it. Continue reading

February 3, 2012

Why you should care about the mobile Web

by Deltina Hay

Ready or not, the mobile revolution is upon us! Check out these numbers that showcase the rise of the mobile Web. Continue reading

June 15, 2011

8 books for your 2011 Summer Reading List

by JD Lasica

Regular readers know that in between consulting projects at Socialmedia.biz and Socialbrite, I sneak in the occasional book review. My schedule has been more hectic than usual, but this is a good time to slip in some short writeups in advance of summer reading season.

Books still matter — whether in print or on an electronic reader. Continue reading

May 16, 2011

‘Filter Bubble’: The consequences of being isolated in a Web of one

by JD Lasica

At the Personal Democracy Forum last year, Eli Pariser, former executive director of MoveOn.org and its current board president, gave one of the most memorable talks during the conference by raising a warning that almost no one else has done.

Eli’s book, “The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding From You,” is being released today. Buy the book on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble or Indiebound.Personalization is an interesting topic, one that I’ve written about for years (see below). Continue reading

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