June 4, 2009

WorldMate comes to the iPhone

by Ayelet Noff

  WorldMate is huge in the mobile world — it first started as a Palm OS app back in 2000. Then, as today, they realized that “travel = mobile” and so it made sense to build a mobile application for travelers. WorldMate had an innovative approach and built what was the industry’s first on-device portal with a myriad of travel content … Continue reading

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May 26, 2009

Google vs Facebook – the search is on!

by Ayelet Noff

Once upon a Myspace time, I tried searching for a few band profiles inside the Myspace network. I didn’t get the exact spelling and spacing right, and ended up on a total search maze. What a disaster! From there on out, I would actually leave Myspace, go back to Google and search there for a Myspace profile. Strange and sad … Continue reading

May 21, 2009

Friends go head to head on XPO Games

by Ayelet Noff

Social gaming has become huge in the last year — after all, playing games is naturally a social activity. Social gaming basically combines the best of the gaming portals with the social network platform. What’s so great about this idea is that the social tools offered enable casual gamers to play in a much more fun, interesting and competitive environment. … Continue reading

May 20, 2009

Will musicians flee MySpace for Facebook?

by Ayelet Noff

Most people find their favorite social networking spots for their personal needs quite easily. The socialites go to Facebook and the business networkers go to LinkedIn. But the search for the musician’s perfect online home is becoming just a little bit harder these days.

May 13, 2009

Facebook Friend Lists: Something more serious ahead?

by Ayelet Noff

Facebook has been adding a whole lot of new features lately. Although they haven’t quite filled the cups of each kind of social profiler (ie: musicians, career seekers, etc) but they have certainly risen to the 3/4 mark, and are getting closer by the day. (Yes, I’m recording exact measurements). Last week Facebook implemented a new fresh alerts system. But … Continue reading

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May 11, 2009

5 ways NPR beat the rest

by Ayelet Noff

The sweet, calming voice and gentle, nerdy humor of NPR radio is like home to me, like it is to a lot of people. I remember those comfy moments, driving around and listening to ‘All Things Considered.’ I’m guessing it’s the same way kids felt in the ’50s when their favorite radio personalities graced the airwaves. NPR know how to … Continue reading

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