May 11, 2017

Context is king: Overcoming the language barrier

by Ayelet Noff

Social media sites have introduced users to Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to enable users to read posts in other languages. Reverso Context goes a step beyond by offering a more context-driven technology. Continue reading

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May 11, 2016

Why influencer marketing is an essential part of brand marketing strategy

by Ayelet Noff

New strategy provides proven effectiveness in reaching target audiences & increasing engagement The days of classic marketing strategies are far behind us. While big companies still choose to spend big bucks on commercial ads online, on TV, on billboards, and in magazines, this method is losing its efficacy. Consumers are bombarded by so many ads daily that they have learned … Continue reading

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February 15, 2016

More than just streaming: Create music that reaches into the social media sphere

by Ayelet Noff

With new apps combining music & social media, users can now have the social component of creating music while on the go Music has always had a social component to it. Whether it was the simple act of listening at home with friends, or going out to a concert, music has always had the ability to bring people together. With … Continue reading

Category: Ayelet Noff, Entertainment
February 3, 2016

Direct reach: The emerging new model in social media

by Ayelet Noff

Brands are starting to adjust to the changing social media landscape as they seek to former deeper relationships with users. Memeni lets organizations build social communities around issues that are important to their customers. Continue reading

May 20, 2015

Content is king, so make sure your brand content stands out

by Ayelet Noff

What tools can marketers use to reach their audiences and ensure that their brand’s content is seen? Here are three solutions: Snapchat Discover, Medium and LIFE IN HI-FI. Continue reading

January 5, 2015

Trends for 2015: Light apps, unbundled experiences

by Ayelet Noff

These days, the latest trend is apps becoming ‘‘light.’’ With unbundling becoming a growing trend, we’re starting to see more and more specialized apps with unique advantages. Continue reading