November 5, 2014

4 startup product blogs that can teach you a thing or two


Post by Diana Doherty
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Target audience: Marketing professionals, SEO specialists, PR pros, brand managers, businesses, nonprofits, educators, Web publishers, journalists.

Are you just getting your business blog up and running? Maybe your company already has a blog, but it just seems to get lost in the background noise of the Internet. Rather than looking for how-to guides on blogging for business, take a look these other startup blogs to see what they’re doing right.

Buffer blog

This social media sharing app Buffer struggled to gain exposure until they launched the Buffer blog. The content on their blog now gets thousands of shares. How did Buffer create such a far-reaching blog? Continue reading

October 30, 2014

Have you cut the cord from traditional media?


Now you can add Pluto.TV to your mix of news and curation sources

Ayelet NoffOften I find myself stopping and considering just how far we’ve come as a society. The information age has brought about so much that you can find out about just about anything with a couple of taps or mouse clicks. However, this overflow of information is a mixed blessing: When you have so much information flowing in from so many sources, how do you separate what’s important from the noise?

That question is the reason why, despite so many advances in media, people still rely on old-fashioned outlets, such as newspapers, radio and television, as a source for hardcore news. When it comes to subjects of profound international concern and impact, like the rise of ISIS for instance, traditional outlets have an advantage: professional framing and analysis. While there are definitely a lot of bloggers out there who are just as knowledgeable as journalists who work for traditional media, the blogosphere in general has fewer filters – and that can be a problem when you’re dealing with subject matter as delicate as militant jihadists. Continue reading

October 26, 2014

One dashboard to rule them all


Collect all of your disparate web apps, services, feeds & APIs into one place

Target audience: marketing professionals, SEO specialists, PR pros, brand managers, businesses, nonprofits, educators, Web publishers, journalists.

oktopostChris AbrahamOne of the great white whales for social media marketing is cracking the B2B code. Social media automation is another Moby Dick. Bringing it all together in a simple-to-use dashboard that takes all the data your marketing, advertising, selling, development, and engagements and brings it together simply and easily might be the most elusive of them all.  

I am exploring a couple of new and exciting services that have landed in a pretty mature and competitive space but are competing handily because they’re doing things a little different and a little better — and sometimes quite a lot.

Two of the most interesting are Cyfe and Oktopost. Here’s a look. Continue reading

October 6, 2014

SMS marketing: A good add-on for your social media campaigns

SMS marketing is powerful and direct, but it can be intrusive if you don’t establish boundaries.

The power of coupons to convert … and other mobile tips

Target audience: Marketing professionals, SEO specialists, PR pros, brand managers, businesses, nonprofits, educators, Web publishers, journalists.

Post by Andrew Lisa

Andrew-LisaShort message service (SMS) marketing is among the most direct and effective forms of marketing ever invented. It requires substantially less budget and technical know-how than other popular forms of digital marketing such as apps and social media marketing.

At its purest, in fact, SMS marketing is social marketing. Club promoters and entertainment publicists have used SMS marketing as a cornerstone of their campaigns to create buzz and increase sales since the technology appeared 22 years ago. Your business can, too. Just know the medium and develop a strong strategy. Continue reading

September 29, 2014

How to maximize press coverage for your startup or business

Photo by Niuton may on Flickr (CC BY)

This article originally appeared on Moz and is republished with permission.

Post by Chris Winfield

Chris WinfieldOver the past 12 years, I have been featured in hundreds of major newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs (everything ranging from the NY Times, USA Today and CNN to TechCrunch, Entrepreneur and so on), and I can tell you first-hand that it has helped me and my companies in an enormous way.

It’s brought me:

  • Publicity (obviously)
  • Clients
  • Partnerships
  • Links
  • Traffic
  • Improved Employee Morale
  • Credibility
  • Money

Even more important, I have helped hundreds of businesses and friends get coverage. In many cases, the coverage they received was the tipping point for their career or business. A couple of weeks ago, someone who I met at a conference and became a friend of mine told me:

“Incidentally, your advice on PR in the past has been invaluable with [their domain] – PR is our biggest source of traffic by miles.”

Continue reading

September 24, 2014

Build a better company by building an online community

Photo by Susanne Nilsson on Flickr (CC BY SA)

Or, how to build an awesome brand that takes flight

This article originally appeared on Moz and is republished with permission.

Posted by Mackenzie Fogelson
CEO, Mack Web Solutions

mackenzie-fogelsonEvery day, things are changing in search engine optimization. If you’re not already working on adapting, today’s the day. It’s time.

It’s not that SEO is dead or that links are obsolete, or whatever all that crazy talk is that’s been going around. It’s that there’s a way to integrate all the pieces into the big picture of building a better company by building an online community around it.

There are lots of benefits to building a community around your company, but if I had to choose a few, here are my top five:

1It will help you weather Google’s algorithms
Building an online community is one of the best ways to weather Google’s algorithms. If you’re continuallychasing the algorithm, you’re putting all of your power in what Google’s going to do next. If you’re building a community around your business, you’re putting the focus where it belongs: on your business. Building a strong company and brand isn’t something that Google can take away. Continue reading