September 24, 2014

Build a better company by building an online community

Photo by Susanne Nilsson on Flickr (CC BY SA)

Or, how to build an awesome brand that takes flight

This article originally appeared on Moz and is republished with permission.

Posted by Mackenzie Fogelson
CEO, Mack Web Solutions

mackenzie-fogelsonEvery day, things are changing in search engine optimization. If you’re not already working on adapting, today’s the day. It’s time.

It’s not that SEO is dead or that links are obsolete, or whatever all that crazy talk is that’s been going around. It’s that there’s a way to integrate all the pieces into the big picture of building a better company by building an online community around it.

There are lots of benefits to building a community around your company, but if I had to choose a few, here are my top five:

1It will help you weather Google’s algorithms
Building an online community is one of the best ways to weather Google’s algorithms. If you’re continuallychasing the algorithm, you’re putting all of your power in what Google’s going to do next. If you’re building a community around your business, you’re putting the focus where it belongs: on your business. Building a strong company and brand isn’t something that Google can take away. Continue reading

September 15, 2014

Top 10 social media tools for pro marketers


Mention, Zapier & Swayy should be in your marketing arsenal

Target audience: Marketing professionals, SEO specialists, PR pros, brand managers, businesses, nonprofits, educators, Web publishers, journalists.

Post by Megan Totka
Chief Editor,

MeganTotkaWith so many tools and strategies for social media out there, it can be hard to know where to start. If you’re looking for a way to refine the possibilities, this list focuses on social media tools that marketing professionals are using successfully to get more from their social marketing.

These tools range from free to paid, and from single-platform to multi-purpose. You’re sure to find a few that will fit perfectly with your current social media marketing campaigns and help you amplify your effectiveness.

What pro-level social media tools does your business use? Let us know in the comments!



Mention: Better than Google Alerts

1Simple, user-friendly, and results-driven, Mention offers a more effective alternative to Google Alerts — a service many users have experienced issues with because of inconsistent results. Mention does what Google Alerts are supposed to, only better. Continue reading

September 8, 2014

Do you have a domain name registration strategy?

Get an edge in search by going for the long term with your domain

Target audience: Marketing professionals, SEO specialists, PR pros, brand managers, businesses, nonprofits, educators, Web publishers, journalists.

Chris AbrahamWhat’s the first step in creating a domain name strategy for yourself, your business or your client? Step one is about brand brainstorming: thinking of a great domain name, registering it, perhaps buying it from its current owner, or perhaps registering it as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Step two is to make sure your online brand is locked down with an eye toward controlling your brand reputation, both in terms of promotion and protection.

Register domain names for multiple years

Domain names are quickly becoming one of the most important parts of search engine optimization (SEO). In a wilderness littered with spam content, search engines are looking for ways to discern the legitimacy and intent of a web property. In a world of “splogs” and illegitimate sites, Google and other search engines are starting to rely on the length of registration as an indicator of intent. Most illegitimate sites only register domains for a year or less. So play the long game. Continue reading

September 3, 2014

Don’t believe what Google tells you about search

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How has Google misled us? Let us count the ways!

Target audience: Marketing professionals, SEO specialists, PR pros, brand managers, businesses, nonprofits, educators, Web publishers, journalists.

Chris AbrahamIf you’ve been listening to Google of late, you’ve heard their spokespersons’ declarations that you should go merrily on your way producing content for your followers while making no attempts to improve your search rankings through explicit means. Focus on what you do best and ignore all that voodoo SEO stuff.


I’ll probably get some blowback for this, but it’s time to call out Google for its — how shall I put this? — sleight of hand, half-truths and tendency to lie about this.

The following list of Google mistruths have some exceptions and caveats. And, Google does make examples of bad actors, which is all to the good.

But for the vast majority of us Web publishers, bloggers and businesses who just want to create content and have it read, you should frankly ignore what Google has been telling you about backlinks not mattering anymore, SEO not mattering anymore and other misdirections.

Let’s do a rundown of which SEO elements actually still work

How has Google misled us? Let us count the ways! (I’ll list my bona fides below, and I have my own caveat: Google hasn’t said that none of the following is important, but let’s run through all of these SEO elements one by one.) Continue reading

September 2, 2014

Calendar of social media, tech & marketing events: September 2014

Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas at a recent Oracle OpenWorld (Photo by Sen Chang)

Guide to the month’s best conferences & events

JD LasicaAs summer slides into fall, it’s time to gear up for a slew of social media, tech and marketing conferences.

Among the notable events on tap: the annual conferences put on by Oracle OpenWorld, the Social Shake-Up, Content Marketing World, SMX East and the Online News Association.

If you can’t attend the event in person, find out the hashtag and follow the goings-on on Twitter.

For the full year, see our full Calendar of 2014 social media, tech and marketing conferences. Let us know if we’ve missed anything in the comments. And drop me a line if you’ll be in the neighborhood! Continue reading

August 25, 2014

17 steps to get more (legit) Twitter followers

Image by Matthew Johnson

Post by Pete Bray
VP of Social Strategy, Moz

Target audience: Brand managers, marketing professionals, SEO specialists, PR pros, businesses, nonprofits, educators, Web publishers, journalists and anyone with a Twitter account. This article originally appeared at Moz and is republished with permission.

pete-brayLet’s talk turkey! How do you get more followers on Twitter? To start, put aside those quaint olden-times notions that seeking more followers is unsavory. Heck, even Twitter promotes their tools as means to quickly get more followers.

Of course, the early days of Twitter were very different than today. Back then, there were all sorts of spammy ways to get followers. Perhaps it is the hangover from those days that makes people queasy when thinking of “techniques” to get followers.

Nowadays, though, Twitter has clamped down hard. Spammy techniques will get you banished quickly. And most of those old grey-hat methods don’t even work: Twitter has radically limited how many people you can follow, as well as how many you can follow each hour.

You might ask, why do I want more followers anyway? Twitter does little for SEO, or search engine optimization, at least not directly. Continue reading