Jessica Valenzuela
Business focus

Mavin Digital dot com is a virtual digital branding company for startups and brands. We deliver small to medium and large design and development projects that include online brand campaigns, content sites, e-commerce sites, mobile apps and complex platform development for beta purposes. In addition to, creating visually engaging and user friendly web properties, we offer advice on how to best build, support and distribute your campaign or your product.

Other offerings of Mavin Digital dot com include:

• Reviews and feedback on latest enterprise, consumer and mobile technologies
• Interviews with industry experts and successful founders in the VC and startup arena
• Advice on how to best engage your users through content, activities and technology
• Understanding the nuances around law and evolving media

Professional focus

Founder of the self-funded startups Mavin Digital dot com and Just Kite It dot com, in charge of site design, site functionality, content development, business development, project management and resource management.

At Mavin Digital, Jessica works with clients in the specifications documentation process, defining the UX/UI, planning timelines, selecting, hiring and managing the best resources for each project. She also offers research in brand naming and design development, creating online and offline strategies to support product launches, creating brand awareness and community development.

Jessica's professional experience offers expertise in these areas:

• Writing for the web / content creation
• Product development
• Brand development
• Project management
• Resource management
• Creating evolving media strategy
• Search
• Social media networking and partnerships


Her background in product management and marketing combined with an advanced degree (M.A.) in Business Information Technology has empowered Jessica in the evolving media space. Her earlier work involved the transition of offline content to an online university platform and content management system with student tracking, performance monitoring and certification management for the financial services industry. This experience and Jessica’s personal passion for evolving technology and programming languages enables her to define user and business requirements, create specifications and research the best technology and programming languages to support the deliverables.

After years as a product and marketing manager, Jessica ventured into digital advertising, where she led creative and development teams in the delivery of campaigns for global and recognizable brands.

Jessica founded Mavin Digital dot com, a virtual digital branding company that help startups and brands design and develop their campaigns and products. She also recently started Just Kite It dot com, a user-generated content and social site for the global kiting community.

Her years of experience on the client and advertising side positions Jessica to strategically create ecosystems in both worlds. She has delivered for clients in consumer retail, enterprise, self-funded and seed funded startups.

When not working, Jessica loves to kiteboard, snowboard and discover places and people through travel, food and wine. When not people watching at a cafe or perusing boutiques in New York City, Jessica could be found kiteboarding, snowboarding, hiking and playing tourist in California, Maui, Seattle, Oregon and other exotic places. She keeps residency in Silicon Valley and New York City.


New York