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Business focus

• Helping companies build brand and thought leadership
• Assess current business practices, thought leadership, and industry behavior.
• Tell the story of your company and product so customers and others can remember and retell.
• Develop editorial matrix to provide industry-leading content at every decision making point from discovery to purchase and even additional purchase.
• Manage and create compelling content messages that can be distributed over a multitude of mediums: print, audio, and video. • Distribute content and engage with other industry thought leaders via traditional and social media methods.
• Don't just attend or sponsor an event, get recognized at your next event by reporting on it.
• Live event editorial production. See services, testimonials, and samples.

Client portfolio

Microsoft, Sprint, TechWeb, iRise, The CMO Club, Publicis, Guidewire Group


David Spark is a specialist in new media production, helping clients develop brand and thought leadership through storytelling.

For more than 14 years, David has worked as a journalist reporting on the tech industry in print, radio, TV, and online. His articles and advice have appeared in more than 25 publications and media outlets including eWEEK, Wired News, PC Computing, PC World, ABC Radio, and Smart Computing. You may have seen David dispensing his "how-to" advice and punditry on ZDTV/TechTV, a former cable station about computers and the Internet (video). In addition, David spent 10 years in advertising and corporate entertainment as a new media director and marketing creative.

While not covering the tech beat or managing ad campaigns, David squandered more than a dozen years working as a stand-up comedian and comedy writer for The Second City comedy troupe in Chicago (video).

Currently, David is a regular contributor for KQED’s “This Week in Northern California” and ABC Radio, hosts his podcast "Be the Voice," and can be heard daily on the “Spark Minute” for two Clear Channel radio stations in the Bay Area: Green 960 (progressive talk) and 910 KNEW (conservative talk).

David Spark lives in San Francisco, a city he loves so much he's become a local historian offering walking tours to locals and tourists.


San Francisco


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