Business focus

• Strategy and programs for enterprise social network initiatives
• The Executive's Guide to LinkedIn applies LinkedIn to enterprise processes
• The Social Network Roadmap enables firms to adopt aggressively by mitigating risk

Client portfolio

• bulge bracket (top 10) investment bank
• big three automaker
• big four consultancy
• leading edge marketing agency


Christopher S. Rollyson has been a pioneer in corporate innovation, strategy and transformation for 20 years. He has lived and worked in six countries and speaks several languages. A principal consultant and marketing executive of several Big Four and specialist technology consultancies, he has had a leading role in launching such game-changing offerings as: Java with Sun, e-business strategy with PricewaterhouseCoopers Management Consulting, and SOA, Web services and architecture solutions with IBM and nVISIA. Christopher:

• launched the Social Network Roadmap to enable enterprises to adopt Web 2.0 aggressively by mitigating risks.
• is a founding principal of PricewaterhouseCoopers Management Consulting Services' e-business strategy practice; he contributed significantly to the firm's e-business adoption curve while serving as a subject matter expert on strategy engagements with automotive, consumer electronics, energy and financial services clients
• trained consultants in e-business transformation at PwC—and partners and managers in business development at KPMG
• led development of the Enterprise Service-oriented Architecture roadmap for nVISIA's enterprise architecture offering
• led global consulting engagements and multi-partner marketing teams
• has significant experience with technology and cultural innovators and entrepreneurs
• mentored and coached thousands of executives in all industries as an career management consultant




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