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Ayelet helps 40+ companies as large as HP, Applied Materials, Microsoft, AIG and PWC and as small as startups such as Viber, Mobli, uTest, Glide and Everything.me to socialize their brands, engage with consumers, generate coverage in top-tier publications and receive business opportunities that would be inaccessible to them without her help, while creating a consistent buzz on the Web at all times, keeping them top of mind for users.

Client portfolio

HP, Panasonic, Intercontinental Hotels, Applied Materials, AIG, PWC, Viber, Mobli, ICQ, Face.com, uTest and more

Business focus

Technology and consumer goods companies, as well as companies looking for ways to recruit employees through social media. Services include:

Social media marketing: How do you reach your target audience on the social networks and create a buzz in the most effective manner? How do you continue the conversation about your brand without sounding “spammy”? How do you build relationships with consumers? We will help you create an effective buzz campaign for your brand.

Website and product enhancement: What kind of features would make your product more social and viral? What type of content would keep your target audience on your website for longer periods of time? We will help you create the best possible consumer experience.

Blogger outreach and exposure in the blogosphere: What is the right way to approach bloggers in order to receive positive coverage? Which bloggers should you approach? How do you build long-lasting relationships with bloggers? We will guide you on how to receive maximum exposure for your brand in the blogosphere.

Managing your brand’s image on the Web: How do you manage your brand’s image on the Web? How do you make sure that when someone Googles your brand’s name, the top results are the ones that you want them to see? We’ll show you!

Branding and positioning: Not sure how to brand or position yourself? Wondering who your competitors are? We’ll help you understand how to put yourself in the best position in the market.

Business development: Want to create an application for Facebook but not sure what type? Trying to get uptake for a new widget? We’ll help you understand the key factors that will cause your application/widget to become viral and successful. We can also create that customized application for you.


Tel Aviv, Israel


Email: [email protected]
Skype: ayelet.noff
Company sites: Socialmedia.biz and Blonde20.com

Favorite quotes

“Don’t compromise yourself. You’re all you’ve got.”