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Solutions for companies that take the social Web seriously

There are thousands of so-called social media gurus out there. But you don’t need a Facebook or Twitter presence — you need a social media strategy that plugs into your business goals. Because social media is not about the tools, it’s about connecting people.

At Socialmedia.biz, we see social media customer engagement as not an end in itself but as a means to an end: increasing your business’s bottom line or advancing your organization’s goals. Since 2005, we’ve used social to deliver value and drive new business for mid-size companies and top brands — before anyone was calling it social media.

Our key differentiator? Real-world experience in creating Social Media Action Plans that identify key opportunities both inside and outside your hallways. We’ll create a tailored strategy, train stakeholders, create vibrant online communities, run successful campaigns and build business processes that result in long-term returns for your company.

We’ll do it at a lower rate than the other guys. And we’ll do it smartly. Because as an “unagency,” we don’t look at social media as just another marketing channel.

Key strengths our consultancy brings to the table

Our world-class team of experts has worked with hundreds of business clients of all sizes across sectors and geographic regions, setting up programs and measuring results.

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Whether you need an audit (assessment), a social-optimized website, a campaign, a training program or something else, please contact us to hear our clients’ success stories.

Headquarters: (925) 600-7641 in the San Francisco Bay Area
Locations: San Francisco, New York, Washington, DC, Chicago, Austin and Tel Aviv
Email: team@socialmedia.biz

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