December 28, 2015

Building a dream e-commerce business


How cross-device platforms are the best tool to efficiently build and run any e-commerce store

Ayelet NoffThere is a growing new trend in business development, with more people than ever starting their own businesses while shunning the standard brick and mortar stores.

Take, for example, Ania and Rosie, who had always dreamed of building a jewelry store. However, as two 27-year-olds without the funds to rent out a space in London, they needed an inexpensive yet efficient way to make their dreams of selling their unique jewelry come to life. Undeterred by their lack of funds, Ania and Rosie came to the conclusion that heading online was the best choice. This led to the creation of an all-inclusive e-commerce store, Whistle & Bango, a made-to-order bangle company headquartered in London.

Due to the advancement of the digital age, and with more consumers purchasing exclusively online, new businesses are abandoning traditional stores and utilizing the power of the Internet. The allure of online stores is due to the struggle most new business owners face, balancing a full time job as well as their dream business, just like Ania and Rosie. Therefore, building a digital e-commerce store has to be more compatible than ever with a busy and on-the-go lifestyle. New business owners are looking for easy-to-use tools that will not only get the job done efficiently, but will also provide the ability for businesses to grow and develop within the short amount of time the owners have to work on their project.

E-commerce demands on-the-go platforms

Technology allows for on-the-go productivity to be more efficient than ever. New business owners can work during their commute, or on their lunch hour. However, rather than just focusing on their phone to help run a business, the key to productivity may lie on cross-device platforms. Cross-device platforms, which can work on a desktop, a tablet, or an app, provide an ease and functionality to online businesses that fits in perfectly to a busy lifestyle. Weebly is one such platform (disclosure: Weebly is a Blonde 2.0 client).

Weebly wants to help people start their own businesses, sell online, showcase their achievements, and communicate with visitors in a thoughtful and meaningful way

As a Y Combinator startup, Weebly wants to help people start their own businesses, sell online, showcase their achievements, and communicate with visitors in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Boasting an easy-to-use, drag and drop editor and industry-leading mobile app, Weebly allows people to edit their site seamlessly on iPad, iPhone and Android, taking their business anywhere. Weebly gives business owners the ability to work anytime, and keep up with the never-ending buying and selling that occurs online.

Furthermore, Weebly provides more than just a basic e-commerce platform. Weebly covers all business tools and functionality that modern e-commerce stores need, such as easy to use customer service, communication tools, and shipping options. Thus on their way to work, new business owners can answer customer questions, check on their sales, and update their store.

Embracing the digital age in the e-commerce world has led to a defining shift in the business industry. With businesses abandoning traditional stores in order to accommodate the growing desire to buy everything online, they are searching for new formats to effectively sell their items. However, having a highly functional and well designed e-commerce store is not the only necessity needed to be successful. Thanks to cross-device platforms, e-commerce businesses make it easier than ever to keep up with the ever growing demands of the digital age and new businesses.Ayelet Noff is a partner in and founder and Co-CEO of Blonde 2.0, an award winning digital PR agency with branches in Boston and Tel Aviv. Contact Ayelet via The Blonde 2.0 website , email, or follow her on Twitter and Google Plus.

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