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  • Caroline Avakian

    This is so exciting, JD! A much needed startup in an industry in need of innovation. With you at the helm (pun intended), I have no doubt this will be a total home run. Good luck!

    • JD Lasica

      Thanks, Caroline. I’m not sure whether I should take the title of Cruise Director, Captain or Skipper. :~) Lots of work still ahead!

  • Jay Frost

    Sounds fantastic, JD! Any chance it will all be up and running before I figure out how to bring my bride and our boy on a voyage for our 25th on April 15? I’m sure if anyone has a solution, it’s you! Bon Voyage and smooth sailing with your fair weather startup!

    • JD Lasica

      Hi Jay. I’m afraid this is a big, big undertaking, so we won’t be launching till summer. Sorry you’ll have to put up with all the crappy cruise sites until then … or, better yet, call a travel agent who knows cruising! Have fun!!

  • Tirun Travel

    Informative article, cruise is the most interested vacation with many activities of full.

  • JD Lasica

    It is, Natacha, and we’ve made some great progress these past 3 weeks which I’ll report here soon.

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