April 11, 2013

Mailbox: Manage your Gmail inbox with ease


Mobile app is a productivity game changer

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SchlemmingerThe appMailbox

Cost: Free (reservations currently taken, with real-time countdown to when you get yours)

Use cases: Manage your Gmail inbox with markedly more ease! The snooze button alone is a reason to try this because it gives you quick options for when the note can be presented back to you. That’s a lifesaver for those on frequent deadlines who are beholden to their inbox, but would like to avoid the distraction of dealing with unread messages right away. Mailbox uses the swipe motion to manage a handful of key actions including: archive, delete, snooze (aka handle later), and add to list.

Platforms: iOS.

First impressions: Mailbox’s crisp design delivers an email management experience that is both simple and intuitive. “Zero inbox” has never been more possible – Tim Ferriss would be proud! Once you launch it, an option is to “archive everything” so you get to start fresh. Multiple Gmail accounts are supported. Mailbox has joined forces with the popular cloud file-sharing company Dropbox to build out features (hopefully, the VIP tag). Overall, this app is a productivity game changer!

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