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  • liordegani

    Great one Chris, and cannot agree more! I’ve mentioned my thoughts on why basic programming help any marketer or startup founder. Would love to hear your thoughts about it :)

  • maryanneconlin

    Excellent post! Over the years working in social media, I have had to put to work my HTML skills on different blogging platforms, to make minor corrections to websites and Facebook apps..when calling the web developer and explaining would be longer and more expensive than just making the minor correction myself and in understanding the issues around what I am asking tech folks to do. Before working in social media, as a brand marketer for CPG goods, I always made it a point to visit the factory floor to understand how the product was made. Learning a bit about the technical end of digital marketing strikes me as in the same league! I agree- take a course, buy a book, read a website- learn a bit about HTML to be a better digital marketer.

    • chrisabraham

      maryanneconlin Thanks so much!  I really appreciate your comment. I can’t believe it. In the same way professional people love to brag that they are above cooking and cleaning, it seems like online content-producers feel like they can be above learning a little HTML.

  • Follower_Fans

    Awesome post and it is the truth. Every marketer should know the basic or atleast know what they are looking at when they are looking at html code. I think it is imperative to be able to jump into code and tweak small things i.e. color, fonts, line breaks, etc. Also thanks for the great references, its always good to brush up on html and that is what i am about to do! My site was a pretty dynamic template on wordpress but i still needed to change a lot to it. I would have had to pay someone hourly to make the changes but luckly i know some code and got it done myself!

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