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  • website101

    There are a number of reason why as network marketers we should start implementing Google Plus. As a member of the community you will get a chance to share content, provide value, and comment on other people’s content.

  • Rajib2012

    Google plus is a great source for interacting with people from various segments. I worked in a logistics company and I collect interesting news and articles from Google+ for publishing weekly newsletter. This article provides brief insights about google plus.

  • dcueba23

    Very few of my clients are on Google Plus.  I see that there is the option to add people to circles or invite them to join G+ when using my personal G+ page but when using my business’s G+ page, it doesn’t allow this.  From a business standpoint, Isn’t the point to engage customers on a professional level rather than personal?  I would feel as though I was overstepping by trying to connect with customers through my personal account.  How should a business go about encouraging people to add it to their circles?  Any advice would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

  • GeeklessTech

    I love all this Jen.  While G+ has its critics, its SEO importance alone makes it incredibly valuable.  I wonder if you’ve come across an app/tool that gives you better management of your circles.  I started on day one and hit my 5000 cap some time ago.  With Twitter I can manage this with tools, but G+ not so much.  Any info you can lend would be apprecaited.

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