August 27, 2012

Memolane: Helping tell our stories through social media

Memolane organizes content into a storyboard format.

How one startup is transforming social content into digital scrapbooks

Guest post by Benjamin Kimo Twichell
Marketing Manager, Memolane

Target audience: Individuals, businesses, diarists, people with multiple social media accounts.

The amount of information being distributed across social media channels is becoming overwhelming for the average consumer. Much of the content is transient and is only available for moments after its creation. It seems impossible to keep track of everything that is happening, and almost as difficult to look back on what has happened.

Humans have always looked back on the past. Some 43,000 years ago we first began recording our memories and experiences with cave wall paintings. Beasts from successful hunts were depicted in Spanish caves. It is only natural that there is a desire to record the moment — only the medium has changed with time. As the eons passed, people improved their ability to capture experiences and events, first through art (paintings and drawings) and then through photography.

Just as technology has revolutionized how we hold onto our memories, it has also shifted the way we experience them. People once used to jot down their thoughts in leather-bound journals. Now everyone and their mother has a blog. Photos are no longer stashed away in a closet, they’re shared across Instragram, Facebook, Twitter, and other media sharing sites. Now, more than ever, we have the ability to view other people’s lives, and glimpse personal memories. While this has become an efficient way to share content, it can lacks the ability to effectively tell a story.

Transforming data into stories

Memolane pulls from a variety of sources to organize your content and create your story.

Slowly, more and more services are beginning to address these issues and make use of these bits and pieces of our digital lives. Memolane is here to help you organize and transform your social media content. Pulling from 16 social media sources, we allow you to organize and filter by keyword, date range, and service. This organized content then turns into a story. The service lets you share and preserve your greatest memories from any point in time – yesterday’s party, your wedding, Christmas with your family or last summer with the kids.

For companies, this is an opportunity to use social media to to tell customers their story, who they are, what they believe in and their timeline and backstory. With traditional status updates and content sharing, uptake by consumers is limited and the story being told is abbreviated. In organizing this content, businesses and individuals are better able to tell a more complete, cohesive story with this information.

Visit Memolane to make a lane, link up your services, and embed it around the Web to tell your full story. For more info, drop me a line!

Benjamin Kimo Twichell is the marketing manager for Memolane, a San Francisco based startup that allows you to organize your content from up to 16 social media services into a single memory lane. Follow them on Twitter at @memolane.

Memolane, a Personal History Timeline Tool, is Beautiful & Wonderful (ReadWriteWeb, including a video interview by Robert Scoble with Memolane co-founder Eric Lagier)

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2 thoughts on “Memolane: Helping tell our stories through social media

  1. Memolane does a great job of bringing memories alive and in a very useful and attractive format.  There are many mobile apps that do the same type of thing on the go.  For example, the company I work for (Footmarkr) helps users record activities on the go.  The combination of both the site and apps can really help people collect and organize their activities.