5 thoughts on “12 blogging mistakes to avoid at all costs

  1. Most of these tips apply to any kind of writing. Being concise and informative with your writing is the best foundation to build a blog. Social media links make it so easy to attract traffic and get a conversation started, that it has become just as important to publicize new content on Facebook as it is to make new posts. Creating internal links is one SEO strategy that is often overlooked and a good balance between internal and external links is a good goal for most bloggers.

  2. Thanks for a very informative and interestingly written post Neil.

    My comment relates to what is pretty basic and you touch on it, and that is writing style.

    There are two things about (poor) writing style that irritate the hell out of me. One is poorly proofed text that has spelling mistakes and doesn't flow. The second is great blocks of text, or huge paragraphs that do nothing to attract readers.

    The turn off for me is the implicit lack of effort by the author, on the reader's behalf.

    I was taught that whatever you write, you are telling a story. Whether it is a scientific master piece, a light hearted article in a popular magazine, or a blog post, you are still telling a story.

    So the author must ensure that the reader can understand the article's meaning, and as effectively as possible..


    Mike FD

  3. Thanks for this excellent post on blogging' 'mistakes. I'm releived to see that I'm on track with a number of your suggestions, but there are several more I need to get to work on. Blogging isn't easy; it takes a lot of work to get it right and be successful. These tips will put any blogger on track.

  4. I agree this is a useful post. In addition, I think what adds value to a blog is how each person has a chance to distinguish him or herself in creative expression. Each of us has the power to inspire, empower and enable other people to gain insights and learn. This to me is part of how I would define the success of a blog.