March 7, 2012

How to verify your Google Plus page

Deltina HayOnce you have created a Google Plus page for your business, you should link it to your business website.

Linking your Google Plus page will verify your page with Google, and help your page and your website place better in search results. Verifying your page also lets you place a badge on your website that will encourage users to add your page to their circles.

A Google Plus “badge” is not the same as a button. A button will simply take the user to your page, a badge allows the user to add your Google Plus page to their circles on the spot, without needing to navigate away from your website. But, you cannot take advantage of this functionality without first verifying your your Google plus page by linking it to your website.

The video above demonstrates how you can link your Google Plus page and your business website.Deltina Hay, a partner in, is an author and educator who develops online curricula on social media and other Internet marketing topics. She also helps businesses prepare their content for semantic search and big data analysis. Contact her, follow her on Twitter and Google Plus, or leave a comment below.

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6 thoughts on “How to verify your Google Plus page

  1. If you use WordPress you can install the AuthorSure plugin (it's free) which allows you to get Google Authorship markup for both Authors and Pages set up properly. This plugin works for both single and multi-author sites.

  2. So just so you know, you’re not actually verifying the Google+ page. You’re just adding share functionality to the site. You’ve mislabeled the video. 

  3. Your video has not clearly indicated the main functionality of set up process or verification process. So my humble request , re check it and if possible edit the video and description too.