August 3, 2011

Top brands’ Facebook landing tabs we admire

Determine what actions you want your fans to take

Deltina HayCustom Facebook tabs can help brand your Facebook page as well as increase “likes” of your page. Custom tabs can also serve as effective landing tabs and can provide ways to offer contests, sell products, promote services and more.

Here are some good examples of Facebook landing tabs, also known as Welcome Pages:

The idea is to add some form of incentive to encourage visitors to become a fan of your page rather than just visiting and going on their merry way.

Since Facebook now uses iFrames for custom tabs, you can easily create a custom tab by simply creating an HTML page.

It’s best to host your landing pages on a secure server. When users browse Facebook using https instead of http, they should be able to access your landing page using that secure protocol. Hosting your page on a secure server (one that has an SSL certificate) can accomplish this – even a shared SSL certificate will work.

If you don’t have a secure means for hosting your html page, there are some innovative sites like my PLUMB Web Solutions that can create and host your page for a modest fee. There are also Facebook applications like Lujure that can help you create custom Facebook tabs.

And, if you have a WordPress-powered website, there is the Facebook Tab Manager plug-in, which can help you create and host custom tabs right on your WordPress site.

The video tutorial above shows how you can create your own custom Facebook landing tab.

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  1. Hi,Thanks for pointing me to the WordPress plugin. Have benn poking around Facebook trying to figure out the best way to implement the new Tabs and found your blog. THANKS>>>elsie