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  • Stuart

    This is a great website, I really like your theme. I am a little new to the blogging scene, but I definitely understand how bloggers can become irritated by repetitive emails and requests. Just spam in itself presents a very irritating issue. Do you have any recommendations regarding how you can get a blogger to write something that is promotional to your website in some subtle way.

    • David Spark

      Yes, hire them, and disclose that you hired them. :)

  • Ozio Media

    I have to agree with #10. I think using social media to make a request, or whatever your intentions are, kind of puts the blogger on the spot. Everyone is listening and waiting for the blogger to respond. I think keeping things private and professional is definitely the way to go.

  • Will Robertson

    People often trample over the invisible lines separating how others do and do not want to interact. Email, blogs, Twitter, and Facebook can make insensitive trampling even easier. I like how the 12 points above underline what we all feel and know is right, but so often forget: people are warm and accepting toward us when we bring something to the table first.

    The PR Summit group is a talent bunch and it's good to get such concise feedback about how to be sensitive when approaching others online. Thanks for the detailed info David!

  • brian UK

    Well written Post David, I know what you mean about bloggers hate phone calls I have tried this method in past and have had little success from it…

    Even now I still have difficulties reaching out to bloggers and the step i seem to fail most on is The subject…

    What would be the ideal subject title if I was to reach out to you ?

  • CyberGhost EN

    Hey David! Really useful the ideas in your article ;) Especially now when we’re enlarging our IT security blogger data base :) Right on the spot! Thanks!

  • Asya Rahim

    Blogger outreach is an ongoing networking task..thanks for the tips!

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