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  • Bryan Coe

    Very interesting interview.
    It will be interesting to see how all this “personalization” continues influences SEO practices. In theory it should help bring more qualified visitors to a companies site. But does it also create a bubble that makes it harder for companies to break into different demographics or even the mainstream?

  • Joan1911

    Hi JD,

    This is a very interesting piece of information, I realized from the outset of going online, living in South Africa the possibility existed of streamlined news appearing. But not quite to this degree!

    Newspapers and TV news as we know it, all have “Gate Keepers”, unless the journalist is totally independent of an established company.

    So yes the internet does reflect a more realistic approach to democracy, knowing what is actually happening.

    Instead of “personalizing” , the big players should be watching out for the scallywags feeding mis-information.

    Gate Keepers are required, taking into consideration culture and creed but not demographics, Global will become Local once again.

  • Kate Rose

    Fascinating idea, that social personalisation actually impacts negatively on an individual's broader engagement with the world! Great article, thanks.

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