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  • @Brett

    JD – Great list (and very helpful).

    How about Omnovia? This is a service I recently learned about, and wanted to know if anyone has used the service along with their thoughts.

  • jdlasica

    Michael tweets to say: You should see the future of meetings – Personal, intuitive and simple: iMeet.

    Looks very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

  • @WeDoSMMForYou

    DimDim may no longer be available since it's purchase by Salesforce last month. Freebinar is a similar service which may be a good alternative to those looking for DimDim.

  • Brent Lewellen

    Have you seen iMeet or GlobalMeet?

    GlobalMeet: Top of line the web conferencing for $39/month and it comes with 1000 audio minutes!

    iMeet: the next step in virtual meetinsg; Skype on steroids. True video conferencing w/audio for only $69/month Who needs telepresence?

  • John

    Check out RHUB This is a self-hosted web conferencing and remote support solution which can be purchased with a single payment.

  • @SetandForgetIt

    Good research. Thank you for sharing this with us. Will definitely come in handy. We currently use GoToMeeting so will look at these other tools as well.

  • Clay Brown

    Nice Article. Would you have any suggestions to new users or customers trying to appear larger than they may acutually be? I’m thinking of small colleges trying to recruit students… Maybe this would be a great time for an operator assisted conferece?
    I also write articles for web and conference calling and like getting ideas from other bloggers. Here’s a link to our blog:


  • Marv Toyer

    Our eBLVD Online Meeting service at ” target=”_blank”> is a web-based, desktop sharing and web conferencing service. Since 2001, we have been providing fast, easy and secure online meetings, web demos, web meetings, screen sharing, remote sales presentations, and online training services for one low, flat-rate price of $29 per month.

  • akp_mic

    I am using Arkadin web conferencing service. I am very happy with the service of Arkadin. Fo more details about Arkadin visit

  • dupontd067

    Also you can try a live chat is enabled so you can clarify your doubts or get info to choose the right service for you.

  • AbbasJaved

    very nice post! There is another online meeting service app named Banckle Meeting which is also a complete online collaboration solution. Kindly try out!

  • akp_mic

    Another option is

  • tomi27

    Ive used GoToWebinar for webinars of how my company works, great read! Companies should invest into voip services more often as it expands flexibility and reach they can have to their clients or customers.

  • JackHolland

    I’ve got a small group of media and entertainment consultants.  We’re looking for an affordable conference bridge service.  We steering away from free because of the lack of professionalism it appears to make your company appear to have.  I’ve heard a lot about Branded Bridge Line ( as one of the new up and coming services that’s part of this new wave of conference bridge services but wondered if anyone knows how their price and features compares to some of the others like Intercall and Fuzebox?  The goal for our company is to present ourselves in the most professional light and liked the professional voice talent option of Branded.  Thanks!

  • Andras Eros

    I have just finished reviewing all possible solutions that took me almost a whole day.
    The only truly free solution on the market at the moment is AnyMeeting supported by ads. However Chrome adblock removes all ads from the conference view.

  • Kunal1508

    Would love to see an updated 2014 list for the same!

  • Laurence H Chandler

    Some very good choices there with some thorough analysis. Here at CIM we are actually using a service called Drum ( to host our web meetings. There aren’t any downloads and each member can enter the meeting at any time form any device! Would be good to see what you think of it compared to your options above.

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