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  • Mike

    Clearly these days one should now look back at some of the foundational work of this kind and see how it matches up to current practices! Makes sense!

  • Sarah Moran

    Hi! I'd love a copy of the book if it's on offer. What an amazing idea for an app… confidence on-the-go!

  • Blane Warrene

    What a timeless book with priceless advice – should be assignment number one before one even graduates from high school. Moreover – the book can serve ongoing as a great paper mentor in addition to your real world networking. I know just the young candidates to begin digging into this gem!

  • Narissa

    I would LOVE a copy! This sounds like a great app too!

    • jdlasica

      Narissa, we need your email address so you can send us your shipping address for your free book!

  • Greg Linnemanstons

    I would love a copy of the book! I'm a huge fan of Dale C, and really believe the times we're in make it even more relevant.

  • Angela Daffron

    I would love a copy! It is a great book to read over and over!

  • jdlasica

    Thanks for the contributions, folks! For anyone else interested during the next week, the top 5 slots have been filled — so we'll pick the last 5 book winners based on the content of your comment (just say why you want the book or why you think the app might be useful in today's workplace). Thanks again!

  • @mdyoder

    Sound advice and wisdom are timeless, and it appears that Dale Carnegie's “How To Win Friends and Influence People” falls into this category. Carnegie's books and courses have helped thousands of business people over the years. I'd be delighted to add this book to my library and join the throngs that have benefited from his wisdom. Thanks!

  • Craig T. Owens

    I have used quotes from this classic book for years in my speaking and writing. But all of the quotes have come from exerpts of the book; I’ve never actually read the book cover to cover. But I’d love to do so! I also have a healthy following on my blog; especially my book reviews. I’d be interested in a book giveaway through my blog for this classic book. Thanks for considering me for this.

  • Stephen MacLean

    I would be happy to win a copy of the book, if there are any left. Thanks!

  • John Casson

    The reason why Dale Carnegies books are still relevant and of value today is that they are based on human relations, the rules of which in essence have not changed for millenia.

    Dale's genius was to gather anecdotes and insights from all the sources he could access, then formulate the principles to put into his books.

    The barriers to unlocking the Dale Carnegie information are that in todays society many cannot really be bothered to: read anything, listen, apply, or make any real effort to change.
    (we are too impatient, or looking for the quck fix, easy out etc).

    If you pass the book to me I promise to:-

    Write notes in it, query the text, (how can use this, apply to me?)
    Highlight the passages most of interest/meaning to me.

    It will end up looking a bit worn out , but at least I used it !

  • @katrinah

    Hi JD! This is an excellent post, thanks so much for the reminder to refer to Dale Carnegie's timeless priniciples for business success. You just gave me a great idea for the next set of video interviews on envisionGood: ask guests I interview how they apply selected principles of Carnegie in their ventures/projects/business to lead and build teams, cultivate positive mental attitudes, manage stress, etc. Thank you for the inspiration! Since a book like Carnegie's is meant to be shared, if you lend me a copy, as soon as I complete the video series I'll give it back to you to so that you can give it to another reader of yours : ) I'd love to give a book away with each video post in the Carnegie series I publish on envisionGood too: thank you for considering me!

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