March 15, 2010

Real-time web dictates change in industries

With serendipity and humanity we’re able to connect people’s digital souls

David SparkAt SXSW, I bumped into Jeff Pulver and asked him to talk about his passion around his 140 Conference. It’s not a conference about Twitter. It’s a conference about how the real-time conversations are motivating behaviors and telling industries what they can and can’t do. Jeff Pulver is insanely passionate, and he gives a fantastic rant on how the speed of real-time information is changing all ecosystems.

Watch the video over on Tweetshare. This is one of many videos I’ve been shooting for Tweetshare at SXSW. Browse through the entire SXSW collection. And please also read my report (if you haven’t already) “Search and discovery of the real-time web.”David Spark, a partner in, helps businesses grow by developing thought leadership through storytelling and covering live events. Contact David by email, follow him on Twitter and Google Plus or leave a comment below.

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