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  • Stephen

    Well the whole point of technology is to increase productivity in the “real world” We walk a fine line between technology as our servant and technology as our master. When tech creates more headaches in frustration in our daily lives, its time to re think our attitude and approach towards it and get back to the main paradigm, which is that of increased productivity which translates into more freedom, freedom to be more creative, accenting our strengths as humans, an off loading the drudgery, rote work to the machines. That's the main paradigm and I see it carrying through. But a lot of people face increased stress with the pace of life increasing at an every increasing rate. That's the downside. I'm imagining the only way to deal with it, is to step back and see the bigger picture, and reassess one's relationship to technology as a whole.

    • David Spark

      A friend of mine, Patrick Kearney, used to have a podcast called The PJK Podcast which was about exactly that subject. He's a complete geek living as much of a digital life as he can and yet he still sees the downside. In every episode he asked, “Is technology helping us or making our lives more difficult?” He hasn't done a new episode in well over a year, but I bet you can get some of his old episodes.

  • @marketingfails

    The way I see it now, the play field has been leveled. Even a small shop on the corner of 1st and 2nd street can magically produce a face-off strategy at the same quality and effective degree as the industry giants (you know, the ones with the shareholders and the unstoppable headaches). Great report David. –Paul

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